International Day of the Girl: October 11

Grrrrl power

Today I wore this stack to celebrate grrrl power. It doesn’t advance anything for anyone but it does carry a bit of a message. My 3 silver charms are all Ohm Beads πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦, they are bottom to top ; ukulele girl, Lady Gnohm and sip happens. They all make me happy for a few reasons, ukulele girl reminds me of my 40th birthday trip to Hawaii, Lady Gnohm stands in for me on my bracelets and is a female version of the fearless travelocity gnome and sip happens is also me when things go off the rails and the ‘red juice’ flows ( a group of friends and I bought her to celebrate good times while our boys played hockey). 

Red was my favourite colour when I was a girl. It’s a colour of power and gender neutral. I still love it and have painted my living room, dining room and youngest son’s bedroom red. The glass beads ( from bottom to top on second bracelet) are trollbeads red feather, ohm beads strawberry, Pandora, trollbeads scarlet bud and Elfbeads love Fractal. It is a Pandora cherry blossom on the third bracelet and Elfbeads heart glass from a promo kit a few years back on the first. 

I am wearing a J Crew liberty print top I bought this summer partly because it reminds me of a dress my mom made for me when I was little that matched one she made my doll. I loved that dress and that I matched my doll.  I taught myself to sew so I could make clothes for my doll because my mom had and then my Barbies and then myself. I took clothing and textile design in university because I loved those dresses. What little girls love should and can become their passions if we support them.

There are quite a few girl charms in the Ohm collection

Some are sporty, some are scary, some are symbolic and Girls Rule is pretty bang on for today!

 I would love to see something grrrl powered in the bead world though, what do you think? What kind of bead would say girls can do anything? Equal pay for equal work? If viagara is going to be covered by Medicare than birth control better be too? A bead that that says anywhere in the world girls have worth and are strong and can do anything they want to, what would it look like?  

Let’s put our thinking caps on and get creative, maybe we could get it made


Beadbash on the Lake September 2017

It’s been a year since I went to Mentor, Ohio to attend a Bead Bash and I’m happy to see that they look to be a legit event for bead lovers across the land to congregate at πŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

I’ve been wearing my collection of event beads to celebrate from afar

Even though I didn’t make it to this one, my memories of last Fall’s Bash are still fresh, you can read my post about it here #beadbashonthelake

I spent a ridiculous amount of money and had an amazing amount of fun meeting people in person that I’ve ‘talked’ to on social media. Julia and I made a How to #mcctrish video if you would like some inspiration.

This year I took advantage of preordering the event beads and Great Lakes Boutique was so awesome with their delivery, I had my beads the day before the event started ❀️ how freaking fantastic is that ?

Some extra beads made it onto my order πŸ˜±πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈI mean who stops at 3 beads? The blush waterish stoppers are an Ohm beads exclusive to Great Lakes Boutique for this Bead Bash and the Truebeadz polar bear ( which won’t stay in the right position for love or money 😩) is the other must have bead for me. I ‘threw’ in an Ohm beads igloo to wear with the polar bear and a Truebeadz pumpkin that I regretted not buying last year ( perfect for #orangeoctober2017) 

One of the reasons I needed the blush waterish stoppers was this Champagne d’Elsie bead I ordered from Anne Gauthier ( rosΓ© goes with everything ) 

I think they will work with many beads I have 

The polar bear and igloo have a strong Canadiana vibe for me 

There will be lots of ways to wear them 

once winter comes ( something to look forward to instead of the cold ) 

Did you go to Bead Bash in person or on line? Did you buy all the beads? I missed the party times and I hope to see more Ohmtiques in the future because some of them have stolen my heart 

Back to School

Back to School is big in my house, my husband and I are both teachers and we have 2 school aged boys. The oldest of those boys, G, started university this past week 😱 which is a whole new normal for us.

Last Sunday we drove to Waterloo, Ontario to deliver G and a sizeable amount of his belongings to residence.

It’s an exciting time but a bit emotional ( for me). I know he’s a good kid and he is excited about his classes and joining teams and clubs and meeting new people and he is going to be just fine. I, on the other hand, might need some distraction πŸ€” 

A bead person recommended I get a bead or charm to mark this moment and I heartily agree, but what? G’s school mascot is a golden hawk and the school colours are gold and purple ( 🀒I’m not a purple fan πŸ˜‚)  so I’m looking for suggestions.

Flash foward to Thursday, the day G actually started classes and I got beadmail πŸŽ‰ with none other than the gorgeous Brave Bison

He is part of Ohm πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Yellowstone collection with Dancing Coyotes 

and Moosing Around. This collection honours the role National Parks play in maintaining natural spaces and helping to educate us on their importance. Yellowstone was the first NP in the US and one I haven’t been to yet, but it’s on the list. 

I think these beads appeal to a broad group of people, Moosing Around has Canada written all over it and Dancing Coyotes is a Game of Thrones must have πŸ˜‚ but it was Brave Bison that stole my heart. 

My parents are both from Winnipeg, in western Canada, and the bison is a well used symbol of that area. It is also the mascot of my university, University of Manitoba 

This stack has my uni colours, a real 70’s vibe going on ( and I have trouble with purple 🀣) that is Ohm lemon and Ohm Hollywood beside BB on an Ohm bracelet.

The second bracelet has Truebeadz taste sunflower glass, ohm trophy and trollbeads books and glasses.

The third bracelet has redbalifrog brass stoppers and star, a trollbeads Amber and a retired pandora wood.

It was great to wear my colours on G’s first day and remember the excitement and thrill of university.

My next stack was fun too 

BB is two headed which has caused some people pause but I love how he looks out from your bracelet regardless of the direction he faces. I called this bracelet Buffalo Jump and it may or may not be a social commentary on certain political leaders south of me πŸ€”

Saturday was such a nice day I decided to take a video Shady Beads 

I am going to continue to find ways to wear my BB but I am looking for suggestions to mark G’s move on to uni, let me know what you think 

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples 

August was all rainbowed and eclipsed πŸŒˆπŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘

Bead world had serious game this month with spectacular ( IMO) beads from Ohm to style with when it came to Pride, summer, #rainbowaugust2017 and the North American solar eclipse.

Rainbowed might be one of my favourite beads of all time, it’s the embodiment of happiness, inclusion, love and most bead lovers found it hard to resist.

 Here are a few of my favourite pics : 

The eclipse was a North American phenomenon this year with the total eclipse cutting diagonally south across the continent starting in northern Oregon and finishing in middle South Carolina. We saw 75 % coverage in middle Ontario which was exciting in itself, I can only imagine how excited the people were in the path of totality. 

Ohm put out 2 beads to celebrate this epic event 

Ohm Sol 

I love this side view from Christine on IG 

A few of my favourites using Sol in their bracelets are:

Sol was very limited ( only 111 made) and I was one of the many who wanted one. I love this yellow, which is similar to Ohm’s lemon and TrueBeadz sunflower. I wasn’t in the path of the total eclipse this time, but I was back in 1979 and I thought this bead would be a lovely reminder of both events. It wasn’t to be, so just before the eclipse I decided I would order the second bead in the eclipse release, Ohm Sun Dragon from Ohm πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ best thing I ever did! Delivery took about a week which totally beats the more than 6 weeks I waited for my last Perlen order πŸ˜‚

It makes even more sense for me to get this one because  my Chinese horoscope animal is the dragon, summertime and sunshine are my favourite, it commemorates the eclipse and Game of Thrones! 

Here are some pics from IG

I hope you had a wonderful summer, it isn’t really over until September 21st but with school either started for some of you already or about to on Tuesday, September 5, the lazy, hazy days are pretty much done. Most of you know I love summer so Fall is always bitter sweet ( I do love sweaters) to me. There are lots of bead releases to ease us into this new season 

Thank you to everyone who posted amazing inspiration for this blog 😘😘😘

Coffee, coffee, coffee

Once upon a time I didn’t drink coffee. And I’m not talking about when I was a wee child. I didn’t drink coffee for over 40 years. Coffee for me consisted of 

a Canadian chocolate bar with the mildest mocha taste you could imagine. 

I loved the smell of brewing coffee but the taste, not so much.

We went to Seattle when I was pregnant with my oldest with the destination of Seattle’s Best coffee shop on our wish list for my husband ( because the tv show Fraser) and stumbled upon Starbuck’s and it was love at first sight. I was still a non-drinker but I loved the vibe.

We did get hooked on the mugs.

Eventually Starbucks came to London, Ontario and opened one in my neighbourhood and my kids went to school. 

One day I went to Starbucks with some mom friends and I tried a latte. All of a sudden the world opened up and this coffee thing was my thing. My husband was a total enabler. He loves coffee and he was more than happy to share his addiction with me. Truth be told it just gave him more to do in the morning, he just drinks a huge mug of French press of the boldest coffee he can get his hands on, I drink a latte with a splash of syrup and sprinkles of sugar and chocolate on top.

Ohm words bead 

The mom friends included Martha and Cheryl and now really consist of them with occasional guest appearances from others. 

Shocking as it may seem there were no beads for me until 6 years ago. I wore bracelets but not the composable, beauties I do now. But Martha and Cheryl did. Oh how I loved the shiny, pretty beads.  Once I jumped on the bead bandwagon #beadsncoffee #coffeeandbeads was born 

Video of me walking to #beadsncoffee today

Today was the unveiling of my Ohm Coffee Collection. It was a BOTM ( bead of the month) for July that I pre-ordered from Perlen. Pre-orders usually work really well from retailers, Perlen included  ( they have the pre-order time to organize orders so they all ship on the release date with delivery being really quick) but maybe summer holidays played into my order because it took 6 weeks to get here 😣 

This collection was really popular and it has become hard to find. 

It consists of a to go cup and a to stay mug.

I have another ohm coffee bead, latte and not a glass ( although there were 2 different latte glass BOTM) 

The coffee beans are trollbeads as are the 2 glass beads, the dangle is Pandora and the latte silver is the Ohm beads latte silver which is still available. 

It’s fair to say I certainly love all thing coffee now, at least in the bead department. 

My latest coffee obsession is iced coffee, it wouldn’t be too hard to create a bead for that, would it? 

Ohm strawberry glass, Ohm cold milk glass, Ohm make beads not War ( boots), Ohm Lady Gnome, Ohm (gnohm) Gnome 


After second guessing and not buying Trollbeads’ rainbow bead

and kicking myself whenever I saw it posted ( it’s still available so I don’t know what my problem was other them price, so I guess I didn’t really want it or maybe I wanted to see it IRL πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ) 

It was love at first site with Ohmbeads rainbowed

Maybe it’s the barrel shape. Maybe it’s the colouring. Maybe it’s the cloud.

It’s just perfect in my eyes.

And timely in this world that shows such an ugly face over and over again.

I want to look for and see kindness in my world ( aka the rainbow) that celebrates diversity and acceptance and love.

We have just been in MontrΓ©al, Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ as part of our annual summer vacation ( this year with only one of our 2 teenage boys because the older one is working at a summer camp for 9 weeks before he starts university in the Fall) and there have been signs of diversity and inclusion everywhere. 

The art exhibitions are no exception: 

which brings to mind 

Ohm words, I have LIVE because I have an older version of love that Jenny gave me at Bead Bash at the Lake in September 2016 β™₯️ I was so happy and touched that I started to cry.

World Peace is one I’m thinking maybe I should buy in bulk and start handing out? 

Love Hurts because there are a lot of damaged people out there and until someone loves them they will not get better.

Nothing says inclusion like Kama sutra available for pre-order and released September 1 Ohmbeads πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Ohmrainbowed is a limited edition bead that has started selling out, I know of a few places it is no longer available but Ohmbeads πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ still has it πŸŽ‰and the head Ohmies tend to track these things, giving updates before beads completely disappear on various social media platforms.

Some to follow:

Mike at Ohm
Ohmbeads Europe
Peace out bead friends 

(Photo courtesy of Revolution another exhibit we saw about that time in the 60’s when the youth had had enough of repression and intolerance and stood up to the Man aka narrow minded, intolerant, racist and misogynistic thinking #thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm ) 

Charm bracelets and me go way back

I think I was six when I first got my charm bracelet. My mom had a gold one that I LOVED and I couldn’t wait to get my own. 

I still have it, which is a miracle in itself because we were robbed 6 years ago and all of my jewellery was stolen except for this bracelet and my wedding rings.  

I love the story this bracelet tells: I was a ballet dancer. I loved travel. I have a summer birthday. I have Scottish and Dutch heritage. I loved my dog. I have family out west. I can remember almost every occasion that I received one of these charms, who gave them to me and why. That’s pretty powerful.

I have new versions of a couple of these beads for my current charm bracelets

The Dutch clogs and crab are trollbeads and are currently available. The Canada 150 dangle is from Pandora and has limited availability across Canada. My sweet bicycle, Ohmbeads Ride me is part of their Go Dutch series available in the Nederlands, I ordered from but FrankatOhm on IG could help you here and/or

And one I don’t have but am totally head over heels in love with is coming soon 

Ohm’s Brave Bison that is part of the Yellowstone collection which is in preview now and will be released in September. I went to University of Manitoba whose mascot just happens to be this guy 😱 he is a beauty! 

The other beads in this collection are just as gorgeous and  I can see being very popular, especially with Canadians (isn’t this moose awesome) and GOT fans. 

Maybe I need them all πŸ€”

Every bead tells a story