Ohm’s February BOTM ( bead of the month) dropped this week and I’m in love with Ohmbeads Tea Bag AAF011

The packaging is sooo cute and I’m seriously conflicted, do I use it to store actual tea or ….. beads πŸ€”

It is just the sweetest charm if you ask me. It is delicate ( the leaf, the size) but industrial and modern art-ish ( the tea bag itself and the perforations)

Just add water and presto, 🎢a drink with jam and bread🎡

Do you add anything to your tea? Cold milk works perfectly

Maybe you prefer lemon πŸ‹

But always books ( I need a new mug that says all I need is a good book, a cup of tea and beads)

Waterish stoppers are an excellent match for Tea Bag

I have the Blush version available at Great Lakes Boutique . They were an event bead for the September Bead Bash. They are still available but they are limited. They are seriously one of my FAVOURITE beads.

I’m thinking I am going to keep my Tea Bag on an all silver bracelet for a while to mix and match with different glass colours. The Typo collection works so well size-wise with it and my love bead.

I think I’m going to go make myself a cup of tea

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Raise your hand if you love beads πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I do. #alot

This week I received some bead mail, otherwise known as the best day of the week or month

This week’s mail was from Ohm and it contained Typo by Ohm

I LOVE the retro typewriter look of these beads but even more than that I love their names.

A is alot AAJ001

B is barbacue AAJ002

C is ceasar AAJ003

Every name is a typo, it just makes me laugh ( my dad would cringe 🀣)

I got a couple of letters to spell words I thought I would use often


This one I haven’t taken off yet

The Heshtag AAJ029 is also a 3 which I’ve put on backwards, as usual πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Another word I think I will use #alot is

I love books more than beads if you can believe it

And because it’s fun to mix and match the typos

I thought #tread worked well with my non-violence boots

As usual, when I get new beads it makes me think of other beads that would be awesome to have, more letters, more combinations, but before I get carried away I’m going to think of all of the combinations I can make with the letters I have and how they will pair with beads in my stash

I have a, b, d, e, r, s, t, and #












Feel free to help me out

What letters would you choose?

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How do you feel about bangles?

I am in love with them. Seriously, full on amour

Once upon a time I started with Pandora, it’s still the only bead game in town, first bracelets and then a bangle.

It was fancy in my eyes. I wore it with one murano and 2 stoppers. I bought special muranos, faceted glass that seemed extra fancy.

I’m still wondering why I never got blue or red?

Then I discovered Trollbeads

It might be the ultimate bangle. It’s so easy to slip beads on and off. I wear mine a bit loose so it spins on my wrist. I should get an xxs so this doesn’t happen but I’ve got tiny wrists and nothing has really ever fit so I feel strangled when watches or bracelets are snug. #mightbecrazy

Instagram photos of bangle stacks had me feeling envious of multiple bangles, mixed metals, different textures

Trollbeads Norwich posted this pic

and I started getting crazy about bangle stacks.

They are so simple to throw together; a couple of beads or a focal bead, a couple of stoppers and you are good to go. I am a put my beads together in the morning kind of person based on what I’m wearing so bangles are game changers.

Another positive to Trollbeads bangles is that it has the smallest core of all the beads so all beads work on them.

Is my next bangle a Trollbeads one? Of course not, why would I think and act so sensibly. Mainly I don’t have a store in town to shop at and sometimes you want to do this kind of shopping in person.

My next bangle was from Elfbeads

I saw this one on a lot of IG posts and I liked the star ⭐️ texture. The star theme was huge in 2017 with all brands doing many star themed things; bangles, beads, glass

This bangle is much lighter than my Trollbeads one and not as sturdy. It bends quite easily and while that is good for shaping, it’s not actually great when you think in terms of quality. Elfbeads have a core size like Pandora and Ohm and Redbalifrog and yet Trollbeads stoppers can slip off this bangle. How is that possible? It’s that thin. My new Trollbeads nut stoppers seem to stay put but I was looking forward to using my plain stoppers to contrast with the busy pattern of the bangle. I did get a good deal on this bangle ( $99 CAD for bangle, 2 stoppers and 3 beads that I was lucky enough to chose on my own instead of having prepicked) but I’m not sure I recommend this bangle overall.

Thinking back to that Trollbeads Norwich photo and the mixture of textures and metals, copper was on my mind. I had learned my lesson about quality but I wasn’t sure I would use a copper bangle enough to buy a Trollbeads one. I hemmed and hawed too long when Trollbeads had their bangle deal before Christmas to take advantage of the buy one, get one πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Then I thought Girle-go I’ve been seeing pics of gorgeous bangles and stoppers on IG so

I ordered a copper bangle and some hammered stoppers.

I’m so pleased. This bangle is solid and weighted like my Trollbeads one. All of my stoppers work with it. The Girle-go stoppers are freaking awesome and I have many more beads than I realized that look amazing with copper.

I highly recommend this bangle. I’m going to be ordering again soon.

Wish list looks a bit like this

Bangles- yay or nay?

I’m not a purist #mess

Everyone with a wish list raise your hand πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Mine is all over the map and half of it doesn’t exist ( yet) like a blue fantasy necklace, a Cheez It dangle, wine coloured glass ( actually that did exist but I missed it ☹️), scrabble tiles and a book shelf full of books. Just throwing it out there into the universe.

One of the beads I have wanted forever but didn’t know existed was a lobster. That’s why you should always put stuff out there #theuniversemakesthingshappen I mentioned in a blog post that I wanted a lobster for my favourite Christmas movie Love Actually and to pair with the Ohmbeads Dirty Magic. Lo and behold, there is one made by Ohm ❀️🦐 exclusive to Maine Earrings and Company so awesome

I have a love for beach themed beads

Mr Lobster fits right in 😍

On a completely different tangent, I have coveted Trollbeads kilt for my Scottish heritage and Outlander for ages

I love swishy swing of it. The sporran is cute too. Trollbeads NYC has excellent customer service.

I am a bit of an Ohm Beads addict. They seem to get me. They make beads that speak to me, or for me. They are quirky and fun and beautiful. An unexpected sale before Christmas made me lose my mind a bit and I fulfilled many, many bead wishes.

1. Green Crack AMV044 is not available at Ohm HQ but I did see it at Diamonds4ever today ( when I was grabbing up something I will tell you all about when it arrives)

2. Cheerleader AHH023 is another oldie that can still be found at Ohm retailers, but isn’t at Ohm HQ right now, has been on my wish list for ages. I’m my kids biggest cheerleader so I have wanted this charm for awhile

3. Freedom Machine AAP024 is part of the Hipster collection. This charm reminds me of my youth and making mixed tapes for my friends, taping the New Year’s Eve Top 100 countdown off the radio while babysitting and Guardians of the Galaxy, which had a seriously awesome soundtrack. This one is available currently at Ohm HQ and most retailers.

4. Sacred Geohmetry is currently available. I picked 3 out of 5 from this collection: tetrahedron AAY019, cube AAY020, dodecahedron AAY022 I picked the cube for thinking outside the box, the dodecahedron because it reminds me of the Tupperware sorting toy

and then I needed a third shape because odd numbers are balanced so I thought hard ( and said “eenie, meenie,miney, mo” basically)

Let’s not forget December meant a new BOTM and LE glass from Ohm

I told you I went crazy 😝

I pre-ordered these from Star Bijou, Night Sky ,which is LE glass, is still available there and Stardust is currently available at Ohm HQ ( but limited to 1111 pieces)

To say my collection has grown a bit this past year is an understatement and now my wish list includes storage. I have clear plastic cases for my glass but my silvers are a disaster. I want something that I can sort by brand and maybe a bit by theme. I want something that is anti-tarnish and has room for growth. I’m putting this out into the universe so feel free to give me suggestions.

Also these pics from Albright-Knox Art Gallery ( I think a collaboration would be amazing 😍)

What does your wish list for 2018 look like?

#beadmas continues

Congratulations Alex V you’re the winner of Day 9 Beadmas giveaway #ohmbeadsdancingshoes #dirtydancing message me contact info for Ohm

I’m loving seeing so many people connecting across the world. Tagging friends new and old on #beadmas posts on all forms of social media. So here I am with another give away

I have a pretty rare #ohmbead to give away

That I call #dirtydancing

My question for you today is how do you Saturday? Are you a “to go” or a “to stay” ?

Or maybe you are both? As we get closer to Christmas I’m thinking intravenous might be good especially when I think about how much wine I drank last night while I got caught up with some dear friends

Comment below with your Saturday caffeination plans and I will randomly draw a winner tomorrow β˜•οΈπŸŽ‰

Happy Beadmas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year ( second to summertime)

Have you been having fun? There are a lot of hosts across all the social media platforms giving away lots of different prizes. I admit I haven’t entered every challenge ( there is a crazy amount of them everyday, something for everybody) but I’m loving the selfie one #IAmOhm so I get to see everyone and Mike’s #mainfestOhm is my favourite so far.

I am partial to the #mcctrish

These are some of last year’s winners.

I have my third and final pair of #ohmdirtynonviolence #dirtyboots to give away

Since we are here on the blog instead of Instagram or twitter I thought I’d just ask a question instead of having you post/tag a #mcctrish so……

What are you hoping for under the Christmas tree?

Shoes ?πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘žπŸ‘’



Which ones?

I will draw a random name on Wednesday and announce the winner then

Happy Beadmas

Old, new, dirty, blue

Bead mail is like Christmas time for adults. When you live in London, Ontario bead mail is almost the only way to get a bead fix. We do have Pandora stores and an on line Elfbeads rep (Jennifer is a doll who lets us come for coffee and look at her pretties) who lives in town but instant gratification impulse shopping does not happen.

Not exactly old, the hipster collection came out in 2015 but  AAP023 Sound Circle is old school. We have a stately old hi fi in my living room that we spin our vinyl on ( and way more places in town to buy records from than beads, which is bizarre) 

​​Something new is AAE114 Catacombs2E in an all silver version, this video lets you see all of the details on this spacer. I love it at Halloween but also with my castle beads. There are lots of secrets in their dungeons πŸ°πŸ’€

I have never had a dirty bead before AAX601 Dirty Magic and I have no solid reason why not πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I love this one though.  I love cooking and it makes me think of all the comfort foods you make in the Fall.

It also makes me think of seafood boils that are big on the east coast

Poor manatee πŸ˜‚

Everyone needs something blue πŸ’™

CE013 Make Out is part of the Make Beads Not War collection that is being retired this month, on November 15th. 
For a full list of what’s about to be retired you can read about it at Beadsholic or Endangered Trolls. Ohm has a really awesome deal tied into American Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping deals. American Ohm retailers will be having a 50% off retired bead sale, usually in store on Friday and on line for Cyber Monday. There is a spend ( certain amount of dollars) and get a free snap clasp bracelet deal too, retailers choose which deal they want to honour. 

I’m not sure which retailers are doing which deals. If you are like me and you have a wish list, I would suggest you look up Ohm retailers in the US, enquire about shipping to you, deals they are holding and make some plans for the weekend of November 24-27.  Christmas is just around the corner, you can get some great deals on gifts ( don’t tell Martha and Cheryl my plans πŸ™Š) 

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some promotional samples