How do you feel about bangles?

I am in love with them. Seriously, full on amour

Once upon a time I started with Pandora, it’s still the only bead game in town, first bracelets and then a bangle.

It was fancy in my eyes. I wore it with one murano and 2 stoppers. I bought special muranos, faceted glass that seemed extra fancy.

I’m still wondering why I never got blue or red?

Then I discovered Trollbeads

It might be the ultimate bangle. It’s so easy to slip beads on and off. I wear mine a bit loose so it spins on my wrist. I should get an xxs so this doesn’t happen but I’ve got tiny wrists and nothing has really ever fit so I feel strangled when watches or bracelets are snug. #mightbecrazy

Instagram photos of bangle stacks had me feeling envious of multiple bangles, mixed metals, different textures

Trollbeads Norwich posted this pic

and I started getting crazy about bangle stacks.

They are so simple to throw together; a couple of beads or a focal bead, a couple of stoppers and you are good to go. I am a put my beads together in the morning kind of person based on what I’m wearing so bangles are game changers.

Another positive to Trollbeads bangles is that it has the smallest core of all the beads so all beads work on them.

Is my next bangle a Trollbeads one? Of course not, why would I think and act so sensibly. Mainly I don’t have a store in town to shop at and sometimes you want to do this kind of shopping in person.

My next bangle was from Elfbeads

I saw this one on a lot of IG posts and I liked the star ⭐️ texture. The star theme was huge in 2017 with all brands doing many star themed things; bangles, beads, glass

This bangle is much lighter than my Trollbeads one and not as sturdy. It bends quite easily and while that is good for shaping, it’s not actually great when you think in terms of quality. Elfbeads have a core size like Pandora and Ohm and Redbalifrog and yet Trollbeads stoppers can slip off this bangle. How is that possible? It’s that thin. My new Trollbeads nut stoppers seem to stay put but I was looking forward to using my plain stoppers to contrast with the busy pattern of the bangle. I did get a good deal on this bangle ( $99 CAD for bangle, 2 stoppers and 3 beads that I was lucky enough to chose on my own instead of having prepicked) but I’m not sure I recommend this bangle overall.

Thinking back to that Trollbeads Norwich photo and the mixture of textures and metals, copper was on my mind. I had learned my lesson about quality but I wasn’t sure I would use a copper bangle enough to buy a Trollbeads one. I hemmed and hawed too long when Trollbeads had their bangle deal before Christmas to take advantage of the buy one, get one 🤦🏻‍♀️

Then I thought Girle-go I’ve been seeing pics of gorgeous bangles and stoppers on IG so

I ordered a copper bangle and some hammered stoppers.

I’m so pleased. This bangle is solid and weighted like my Trollbeads one. All of my stoppers work with it. The Girle-go stoppers are freaking awesome and I have many more beads than I realized that look amazing with copper.

I highly recommend this bangle. I’m going to be ordering again soon.

Wish list looks a bit like this

Bangles- yay or nay?


Author: mcctrish

I need a place to put some of the words that crowd my brain. I think that by sorting and organizing them, I will tame them. They can wield power outside of me. I am trying to write more often, to make it a habit, like flossing. September is full of new beginnings

13 thoughts on “Bangles”

  1. I asked you a question on IG but your answer was here all along 🙂 I love the look of the elfbeads so much but am disappointed to hear it is not sturdy ( is it super thin and flexy?) I only have pandora bangles ( which i don’t love the shape of ) I am in need of a bangle but still don’t know which one to get . Might be worth it getting then TB one as the US price dropped dramatically on it 🙂 love when U stack so many bracelets at once 👍

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    1. I haven’t looked at the new price list for Trollbeads, maybe I will get a twisted one 🤔 yes it is flexy, perfect word for it, and it just seems fragile for that reason unlike the Trollbeads and girls-go bangles

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So good to know no elf bangle for me. And it is a shame they made em so cheap. I want the twisted trollbeads bangle and then on to the many stopper options… 🤔

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  2. I love all things with stars but I was so utterly disappointed with the quality of the elfbeads star printed bangle I immediately returned it. It’s bends as easy as a paper clip, seriously? How could elf put out a product as cheap as that? Nothing compares to the solid super strong trollbeads bangles. Even the twisted troll design is stiff & strong, so elf cannot use the texture excuse to explain why it’s so ridiculously flimsy. Ohm bangles are second favorite, started & still remaining solid & strong… considering how much interchanging I do. Since those have to be stretched & widened for each wear, it feels like it will eventually weaken & give way but I’ve had mine over a year & they still feel solid. Ohms stoppers are beautiful but bother me, the O rings consistently pop out from underneath of the metal stopper shell when I slide it off. Does anyone else have that same problem?

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    1. Returning the elf bangle was a good idea, the detail on it is such that I knew I would t wear it as much as my Trollbeads one so I can get over the flexy feel to it, but I am really disappointed with the size of it and how few stoppers work on it. Their new petit line has a similar downfall with its stoppers $45 each ( regular line in $20 range) serious WTF there. An Ohm bangle is on my wish list, still deciding between twisted and dirty twisted. The silicone ring popped out of my blush waterish stopper and I was devastated. Those are my favourite stoppers. I saved the ring but then managed to lose it 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wrote Great Lakes about a replacement ring and did I need a jeweller to replace it? They sent me a brand new stopper 😱🎉 I won’t use them on Trollbeads chains anymore, just bangles

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  3. I love bangles! I love stacking them with my Pandora watch and a full bracelet on my other wrist. Or a bangle and a leather stacked together. Your review is awesome!

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  4. I wear bangles more than bracelets and so I’m definitely planning to get another. But I can’t decide what fit is right because I don’t like them twisting around. I was about to buy the Trollbeads twisted bangle in silver (already have the copper twisted) but then the pic of your newbie from GirleGo made me look at their selection. And now I cannot make up my mind 😃
    Decisions, decisions?!??
    PS. I found that the silicon in Ohm stoppers got loosened by wearing them on their twisted bangle (almost lost some beads as a result) so now I stick to the clips instead 🤔

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I do like the Ohm clips for the bracelets ( it seems like such a long way to push one) but after my blush waterish mishap I think I will stick to only ordering clips in the future ( I did order fireish but I’m going to always stack on the inside just in case) good luck choosing a new bangle. I see a hammered silver from girlego and a twisted silver from Trollbeads in my future 🤣

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