It might come as a surprise ( to no one) that I πŸ’™ blue beads

Someone ( Julia) asked “How many blue beads do you actually have?” and that got me thinking, besides, of course, not enough

t technically all blue, or all glass, but still…. there are a few of them ( and another one in transit πŸ™„)

I started, like a lot of people, with pandora

My first ever bead was that centre one, blue ribbon, and that Dutch blue is still my favourite colour of glass. The snow flake enamel was a Christmas present this year, I don’t buy too much Pandora anything anymore. Although, I regret not buying blue bubbles which was out at the same time as these 2 glass. I was a newbie and didn’t realize the transitory nature of some beads.

Then I got into Trollbeads

My first Trollbeads glass were also blue: I bought the third (white cap) and sixth (beach) beads on the top row to start my beach bracelet, which is where I would always rather be.

The first bead on the top row- blue dot, is the first trollbeads I ever bought in person and I was in Phoenix, Arizona at the time. In fact, the middle bead on the second row, a large core unique, is another one of a very small number of beads I have bought of any brand in person.

The beach theme led me to Ohmbeads, I ordered a lighthouse and a tent from Perlen and those led me to

1. Night Sky ( LE)

2. Waterfall (LE)

3. Make Out ( Make Beads Not War Collection)

4. Erie Rocks was the first Ohm glass I bought in person. It was the event bead at Bead Bash on the Lake at Great Lakes Boutique in September 2016.

5. Country Plaid from the Tidlom Collection

Make Out and Country Plaid were just retired, it is possible they and Night Sky and Waterfall might be still available at some Ohm retailers, but it could be a tricky search for them. Erie Rocks was exclusive to GLB.

My next brand discovery was Truebeadz

Julia makes quite a variety of blues and I don’t have them all, if you can believe it 😱

Top row:

1. True blossom sky blue

2. True air sky blue

3. True blossom marmor

4. True blossom eastern sea

5. True alchemy breeze

Second ( diagonal) row

6. Thing and quiet flows the don

7. True treasure

8. True blossom and quiet flows the don

9. True air and quiet flows the don

10. True touch and quiet flows the don

11. Snowgirl

12. True instant evening twilight

( and quiet flows the don is my FAVOURITE colour) I should get a taste πŸ€” version

Bottom row
True Wisdom

14. True air stormy heavens

15. True taste stormy heavens

16. True Blizzard

17. True treasure aka my pet fish

18. Coming soon

I’ve ordered one of these beautiful blue dangles that are part of Julia’s Dangle of the Month Club πŸ’™ this is the March dangle. I ordered mine from Star Bijou. The Dangle of the Month is a preordered bead and there are a few different retailers you can use, but I love Gabi and Nicolai ( I might have thrown a Spirit bead in with my order but it isn’t blue so I will talk about it another time πŸ˜‚)

Lastly are Elfbeads, my love affair waxes and wanes with Elfbeads, sometimes I LOVE them but sometimes they are too ornate for me

Top row 1 and 2 are Arctic dewdrops ( 1. might be a mulberry instead of a dewdrop)

3 Icelandic dewdrops

4. Jungle beach

5. ( I have no idea πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ)

6. Ice spring

7. Midnight oil python

8. Midnight oil fireflies

Bottom row 1. Frost Monroe

2. Frost fractal

3. Frost dust

4. Stardust flower extant

5. Ocean earthbead snow

6. Ocean earthbead

7. Nebula gold sprinkles

8. Ocean life

9. Midnight oil Buddha

10. Midnight oil

11.Galaxy Flowerworld fractal LE

It’s a ridiculous collection of blue and while I was double checking names I might have seen a few I don’t have 😱

Beads in action: blues

Blues with wine coloured beads

Blues with pinks and copper

Blues with white

Just blues stacked up

What is your favourite bead colour?

When is enough enough?

I think I might rummage around in my bead box for the next colour to highlight, it won’t be purple 🀣


Author: mcctrish

I need a place to put some of the words that crowd my brain. I think that by sorting and organizing them, I will tame them. They can wield power outside of me. I am trying to write more often, to make it a habit, like flossing. September is full of new beginnings

4 thoughts on “Blue”

  1. Love this Trisha. What an amazing collection of blues-I’ve always admired. Thanks for a fun peak into your collection! Regret not picking up one of those lovely Ohm Waterfalls!

    Liked by 1 person

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