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I’m a bit of an introvert on a good day. The past couple of years dealing with my mom’s failing health, I’ve become slightly reclusive. It’s not that I don’t value friendship, quite the contrary, I just felt like couldn’t handle much more than what was directly in front of me.

Lately I’ve been drawn to the colour yellow. It’s just so cheery and uplifting.

And look at that, yellow does indeed spread joy and happiness.

I have been wearing my yellow beads often as they do indeed make me feel better.

Here’s Jiangxi making some lemonade for Bead Fairy. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The yellow flower bead in this #mcctrish is one Julia Truebeadz made live on Instagram and I just happened to be online at the right time to buy it. It brings me happiness every time I wear it or look at it on my bead tray ( my current bead organizational system is a work in progress 🤣)

This week I received some unexpected bead mail. 😱

A birthday surprise from Julia. Who is the sweetest and most thoughtful person.

A yellow flower dangle that has spread happiness and joy in the name of friendship across the world.

I am a lucky girl.

Be kind to one another.

Author: mcctrish

I need a place to put some of the words that crowd my brain. I think that by sorting and organizing them, I will tame them. They can wield power outside of me. I am trying to write more often, to make it a habit, like flossing. September is full of new beginnings

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