I’m not a purist #mess

Everyone with a wish list raise your hand 🙋🏻‍♀️

Mine is all over the map and half of it doesn’t exist ( yet) like a blue fantasy necklace, a Cheez It dangle, wine coloured glass ( actually that did exist but I missed it ☹️), scrabble tiles and a book shelf full of books. Just throwing it out there into the universe.

One of the beads I have wanted forever but didn’t know existed was a lobster. That’s why you should always put stuff out there #theuniversemakesthingshappen I mentioned in a blog post that I wanted a lobster for my favourite Christmas movie Love Actually and to pair with the Ohmbeads Dirty Magic. Lo and behold, there is one made by Ohm ❤️🦐 exclusive to Maine Earrings and Company so awesome

I have a love for beach themed beads

Mr Lobster fits right in 😍

On a completely different tangent, I have coveted Trollbeads kilt for my Scottish heritage and Outlander for ages

I love swishy swing of it. The sporran is cute too. Trollbeads NYC has excellent customer service.

I am a bit of an Ohm Beads addict. They seem to get me. They make beads that speak to me, or for me. They are quirky and fun and beautiful. An unexpected sale before Christmas made me lose my mind a bit and I fulfilled many, many bead wishes.

1. Green Crack AMV044 is not available at Ohm HQ but I did see it at Diamonds4ever today ( when I was grabbing up something I will tell you all about when it arrives)

2. Cheerleader AHH023 is another oldie that can still be found at Ohm retailers, but isn’t at Ohm HQ right now, has been on my wish list for ages. I’m my kids biggest cheerleader so I have wanted this charm for awhile

3. Freedom Machine AAP024 is part of the Hipster collection. This charm reminds me of my youth and making mixed tapes for my friends, taping the New Year’s Eve Top 100 countdown off the radio while babysitting and Guardians of the Galaxy, which had a seriously awesome soundtrack. This one is available currently at Ohm HQ and most retailers.

4. Sacred Geohmetry is currently available. I picked 3 out of 5 from this collection: tetrahedron AAY019, cube AAY020, dodecahedron AAY022 I picked the cube for thinking outside the box, the dodecahedron because it reminds me of the Tupperware sorting toy

and then I needed a third shape because odd numbers are balanced so I thought hard ( and said “eenie, meenie,miney, mo” basically)

Let’s not forget December meant a new BOTM and LE glass from Ohm

I told you I went crazy 😝

I pre-ordered these from Star Bijou, Night Sky ,which is LE glass, is still available there and Stardust is currently available at Ohm HQ ( but limited to 1111 pieces)

To say my collection has grown a bit this past year is an understatement and now my wish list includes storage. I have clear plastic cases for my glass but my silvers are a disaster. I want something that I can sort by brand and maybe a bit by theme. I want something that is anti-tarnish and has room for growth. I’m putting this out into the universe so feel free to give me suggestions.

Also these pics from Albright-Knox Art Gallery ( I think a collaboration would be amazing 😍)

What does your wish list for 2018 look like?


Author: mcctrish

I need a place to put some of the words that crowd my brain. I think that by sorting and organizing them, I will tame them. They can wield power outside of me. I am trying to write more often, to make it a habit, like flossing. September is full of new beginnings

11 thoughts on “I’m not a purist #mess”

  1. I have more wish lists than I have hands (and feet!) so I’ll just raise both my hands and leave it at that 😀

    Looks like you have certainly had a fun few weeks there with beadmail! I am still so tempted by those night sky and stardust beads (particularly the night sky. So tempted).

    For storage, my cutlery chest almost fills all of my needs (it looks similar to this): http://www.silversuperstore.com/images/wallace/chests/lrg/regencychest500.jpg

    Technically since it’s a silver chest, it has anti-tarnish cloth! And I picked it up from value village for about $10, I think. I have two sets of rods that run from the top to the middle and from the middle to the bottom with the middle bar (and little indents that are meant for the cutlery) supporting them. The only issue is that they do roll around a bit as I take it off and put it back on the shelf where I store it so I need something to keep them anchored at the very top and bottom. I’ve tried another set of rods that run left to right at the top and bottom, with rubber stoppers to hold the rods that run perpendicular and that works, but not perfectly.

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  2. A Lobster bead?!?!? I can’t believe it 🙂 it IS really adorable and will fit right in with different themes. One odd thing I noticed about my wishlist in the past few months is if I make it and don’t rush to by it I usually realie that there is a bead I don’t reeeally have to have and then I am glad as I realize the ones I still want. I need ohms sewing machine bead and trollbeads mt Fuji as well as some trollbeads glass beads . I won’t rush this month as I think there should be a bunch of new releases across the board so I will wait . I love the mixtape. I love those kind of beads that remind me of youth or the “good old days”

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    1. I owe that lobster bead to you! I have the sewing machine bead and now need the pin cushion 🤣 that’s the thing about wish lists, they are fluid, mine can change with seasons and IG posts but every once in awhile something really grabs me ( Trollbeads strawberry quartz, Ohm rainbowed and I absolutely have to have it) and sometimes I think I don’t need it but I keep thinking about it ( Ohm green crack and smoke on the water) and I just about kick myself because I hemmed and hawed


      1. I must admit though I don’t like the feeling of wanting/thinking of a bead , feeling lazy to order and then all of a sudden it’s sold out at one retailer, on to the next sold out there and then I have regrets ( oh course beads are not THAT important ) but it does stink to miss something you once really liked and could have easily had.

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  3. The Ohm lobster is coming to live on my Florida/beach/tropical bracelet! So cute! My wish list has shortened dramatically thanks to a number of special bead fairies. I try to keep to the ones I love but occasionally get tempted by one I know is HTF. It is all the thrill of the hunt too. I look forward to seeing what is always just around the corner!

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    1. I used to have some bracelets that stay together but I don’t have enough bracelets anymore ( couldn’t possibly be that I have too many beads) but I’m happy to hear you have a lobster coming your way


  4. I love the freedom machine, too, it reminds me of the 80’s which I miss. Love this article and all the beads you have received! I look forward to seeing them in your combo! Come up with any great storage tips, I’d love to hear about them! I’m currently using plastic bead boxes for my silvers, so that I can separate and organize, but always looking for better options!


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