#beadmas continues

Congratulations Alex V you’re the winner of Day 9 Beadmas giveaway #ohmbeadsdancingshoes #dirtydancing message me contact info for Ohm

I’m loving seeing so many people connecting across the world. Tagging friends new and old on #beadmas posts on all forms of social media. So here I am with another give away

I have a pretty rare #ohmbead to give away

That I call #dirtydancing

My question for you today is how do you Saturday? Are you a “to go” or a “to stay” ?

Or maybe you are both? As we get closer to Christmas I’m thinking intravenous might be good especially when I think about how much wine I drank last night while I got caught up with some dear friends

Comment below with your Saturday caffeination plans and I will randomly draw a winner tomorrow ☕️🎉

Happy Beadmas


Author: mcctrish

I need a place to put some of the words that crowd my brain. I think that by sorting and organizing them, I will tame them. They can wield power outside of me. I am trying to write more often, to make it a habit, like flossing. September is full of new beginnings

125 thoughts on “#beadmas continues”

  1. It really depends. I think most of the time I stay in, but I really love to go out! It really depends if I have the money to go out and have fun. Haha! Sometimes my friend and I just hang out at Barnes & Noble bookstore. Just browsing books and looking at magazines we.

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  2. I got dressed up a bit today but cozy at home now. Hubby and I ran errands during the first snow of the season, but now it’s nice and warm at home with some hot chocolate and tv 🙂

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  3. Saturday is the day that we are out most of the time sending kids for classes and doing grocery shopping. In the evening, we will usually go for some great food. For Sunday we will usually stay at home to enjoy some quiet family time together.

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  4. Saturday mornings are definitely to go – and a large iced skim latte does the trick. Saturday seems to be full of activities for my son with maybe an errand or two thrown in. The evenings are definitely for staying in if at all possible.

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  5. Although today was snowy, I got together with a friend and went to the ” marketa ” where a person can buy Puerto Rican foods to prepare for the holiday. Their are many shops that have cooked foods also.

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  6. Saturdays are a combination of relaxing, getting together with friends, running errands or catching up with things at home. One of our favorite things to do in the evening is go to concerts.

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