Old, new, dirty, blue

Bead mail is like Christmas time for adults. When you live in London, Ontario bead mail is almost the only way to get a bead fix. We do have Pandora stores and an on line Elfbeads rep (Jennifer is a doll who lets us come for coffee and look at her pretties) who lives in town but instant gratification impulse shopping does not happen.

Not exactly old, the hipster collection came out in 2015 but  AAP023 Sound Circle is old school. We have a stately old hi fi in my living room that we spin our vinyl on ( and way more places in town to buy records from than beads, which is bizarre) 

​​Something new is AAE114 Catacombs2E in an all silver version, this video lets you see all of the details on this spacer. I love it at Halloween but also with my castle beads. There are lots of secrets in their dungeons πŸ°πŸ’€

I have never had a dirty bead before AAX601 Dirty Magic and I have no solid reason why not πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I love this one though.  I love cooking and it makes me think of all the comfort foods you make in the Fall.

It also makes me think of seafood boils that are big on the east coast

Poor manatee πŸ˜‚

Everyone needs something blue πŸ’™

CE013 Make Out is part of the Make Beads Not War collection that is being retired this month, on November 15th. 
For a full list of what’s about to be retired you can read about it at Beadsholic or Endangered Trolls. Ohm has a really awesome deal tied into American Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping deals. American Ohm retailers will be having a 50% off retired bead sale, usually in store on Friday and on line for Cyber Monday. There is a spend ( certain amount of dollars) and get a free snap clasp bracelet deal too, retailers choose which deal they want to honour. 

I’m not sure which retailers are doing which deals. If you are like me and you have a wish list, I would suggest you look up Ohm retailers in the US, enquire about shipping to you, deals they are holding and make some plans for the weekend of November 24-27.  Christmas is just around the corner, you can get some great deals on gifts ( don’t tell Martha and Cheryl my plans πŸ™Š) 

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some promotional samples 


Author: mcctrish

I need a place to put some of the words that crowd my brain. I think that by sorting and organizing them, I will tame them. They can wield power outside of me. I am trying to write more often, to make it a habit, like flossing. September is full of new beginnings

10 thoughts on “Old, new, dirty, blue”

    1. I did say I wanted a lobster for my Christmas bracelet ( for Love Actually ) πŸ€” that would be perfect! It came with a book dangle. I hope it’s okay I linked you ( should have asked first 😜)

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  1. Hi Mcctrish and Paula- great haul love the beads especially the cauldron. I know you both were looking for a lobster – I believe ohm did do a lobster and it is still avail at Maine earrings and things ( If you give me a email I’ll send you link or try searching Maine earring ohm beads and you might find it ) either way it’s cute it might be a store exclusive as I can’t find it anywhere else πŸ™‚

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