August was all rainbowed and eclipsed πŸŒˆπŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘

Bead world had serious game this month with spectacular ( IMO) beads from Ohm to style with when it came to Pride, summer, #rainbowaugust2017 and the North American solar eclipse.

Rainbowed might be one of my favourite beads of all time, it’s the embodiment of happiness, inclusion, love and most bead lovers found it hard to resist.

 Here are a few of my favourite pics : 

The eclipse was a North American phenomenon this year with the total eclipse cutting diagonally south across the continent starting in northern Oregon and finishing in middle South Carolina. We saw 75 % coverage in middle Ontario which was exciting in itself, I can only imagine how excited the people were in the path of totality. 

Ohm put out 2 beads to celebrate this epic event 

Ohm Sol 

I love this side view from Christine on IG 

A few of my favourites using Sol in their bracelets are:

Sol was very limited ( only 111 made) and I was one of the many who wanted one. I love this yellow, which is similar to Ohm’s lemon and TrueBeadz sunflower. I wasn’t in the path of the total eclipse this time, but I was back in 1979 and I thought this bead would be a lovely reminder of both events. It wasn’t to be, so just before the eclipse I decided I would order the second bead in the eclipse release, Ohm Sun Dragon from Ohm πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ best thing I ever did! Delivery took about a week which totally beats the more than 6 weeks I waited for my last Perlen order πŸ˜‚

It makes even more sense for me to get this one because  my Chinese horoscope animal is the dragon, summertime and sunshine are my favourite, it commemorates the eclipse and Game of Thrones! 

Here are some pics from IG

I hope you had a wonderful summer, it isn’t really over until September 21st but with school either started for some of you already or about to on Tuesday, September 5, the lazy, hazy days are pretty much done. Most of you know I love summer so Fall is always bitter sweet ( I do love sweaters) to me. There are lots of bead releases to ease us into this new season 

Thank you to everyone who posted amazing inspiration for this blog 😘😘😘


Author: mcctrish

I need a place to put some of the words that crowd my brain. I think that by sorting and organizing them, I will tame them. They can wield power outside of me. I am trying to write more often, to make it a habit, like flossing. September is full of new beginnings

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